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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog Carnival: Art and Travel, May 2, 2009 edition

Welcome to the May 2, 2009 edition of Art and Travel.

Art by Gina Nicole, copyright 2008


Pius Ephenus presents Honeymoon Cruises offer Relaxation and Romance posted at, saying, "Are you looking for the perfect way to spend your honeymoon? How about on the deck of a luxury cruise liner, where the ocean waves can lull you into a state of euphoria? You can spend all day in the sand and sun, and then dance the night away at one of the many nightclubs aboard a ship. If you prefer a more intimate vacation at sea, room service is always available and always part of the package. No matter what you are looking for in that first trip as man and wife, a honeymoon cruise will have exactly what you are looking for. But before you set sail, there are a few factors to consider ensuring that you book the perfect honeymoon cruise for you."

Pius Ephenus presents How to Get Reduced Prices on Airline Tickets Fast and Easy! posted at, saying, "The prices of airfares have gone up in the last few years, and their is no doubt that while flying is almost necessary many people simply cannot afford or simply do not want to pay those high prices for airplane tickets. However, the good news is that if you know where to look and have the ... "

Jipson Musundi presents Adventure Travel Insurance Article posted at Adventure Holidays Report.

Jipson Musundi presents Adventure Travel To Africa Article posted at Adventure Holidays Report, saying, "Adventure travel reviews will rate things like the quality of food, drink, service and accommodation"

TDOCarolyn presents The Daily Obsession | Beauty of Barbados posted at The Daily Obsession.

Vichuda presents New Budget Flights to Asia posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia.


Praveen presents Tao of Simplicity: Another Contemporary Abstract Artist posted at Tao of Simplicity, saying, "Spotlight on contemporary abstract artist named Judy Hintz Cox."


Andrew Edgington presents Child Photography Tips That Make Sense posted at Learn Digital Photography Now, saying, ""Your Guide to Digital Photography" - Taking Beautiful Digital Pics Made Simple! Tips on how to use a digital camera like a pro and an insider look at the latest digital cameras. To get a FREE Digital Photography Report of your very own please head over to "Learn Digital Photography Now""

Andrew Edgington presents Digital Photography Tips - Getting The Best Angle For Quality Photos posted at Learn Digital Photography Now, saying, "Your Guide to Digital Photography" - Taking Beautiful Digital Pics Made Simple! Tips on how to use a digital camera like a pro and an insider look at the latest digital cameras. To get a FREE Digital Photography Report of your very own please head over to "Learn Digital Photography Now"

Travel and Wildlife

sanjay verma
presents Arrival of Migratory birds in my City. posted at Sanjay's Pad, saying, "dedicated to promotion of Indian wildlife and travel."


Private Jet Enthusiast presents Most Common Private Jet Models posted at Private Jet Information, saying, "While many people think that having a private jet at your disposal is an unattainable luxury, there are actually many situations in which private jets can be more cost effective than commercial airlines."

Erika presents Overview Of Peru posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "Peru is a great place to visit."

Andrew Edgington presents Be Prepared For Airport Security Checks posted at Cheap Flights, saying, "Discover Alicante in Spain and this Luxury rental villa in Playa San Juan, near Alicante. You will see seasonal rental rates as well as complete property details and both interior and exterior images. You are ideally located with a surrounding par 72 golf course and just 2 minutes from the Playa San Juan Beach."

Erika presents Ecotourism in the Amazon Rain Forest posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "If you are looking for a different kind of vacation for you and your family to take, you should definitely look into ecotourism."

America001 presents Visiting Wine Country in Beautiful Traverse City, MI | America 001 posted at Traveling In America, saying, "If you happen to be in the Midwest, a nice trip to take is to the wine country in Traverse City, Michigan."

Andrew Edgington presents Go Visit San Antonio in Texas posted at Cheap Flights, saying, "Discount Travel Techniques that anyone can employ and really make big savings on family vacations and international flights. You will feel like you are on vacation permanently."

Christine presents Civitavecchia, Italy posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Tony Alexander presents The Beauty of Nihonmatsu! posted at The Soul of Japan, saying, "submission for May."

Sam presents Hiking the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff Arizona. Surfer Sam. posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "Thanks for including my article. Here's an excerpt.

Five Friends, Five Days and a Taste of Eden Hiking Into the Grand Canyon

Hey, Everyone!

havasu falls grand canyon Grand Canyon Arizona Havasu Falls Vacation

I had a great break before summer school starts back up. I took the best cheap holiday when I spent my vacatio in Arizona. I do believe I've had the most relaxing week ever. Havasupai Falls is west of the Grand Canyon, a three hour drive from Flagstaff. The parking lot was FULL of all kinds of cars, everything from a 1960 something Chevy pickup that looked as if they had to push it to its final parking spot, to... a Hummer! Yes. A Hummer. And Jill thought her car might not be safe parked at the trailhead. Yeah, not with one of those darn things parked near it. Crazy.

From the trailhead which starts right at the end of the parking lot, the hike is 8 miles down to Supai, the town where about 650 Havasupai Indians live. The Indians have lived there since 1300 A.D. FYI, Supai is the only place in the U.S. that has mail hauled down by horses.

The first mile and a half of the hike is down through high desert. Then you descend into low desert, which is a hot and rocky scene. Typical cactus are hanging out, prickly pear and agave. No saguaro, however. I don't think it's hot enough for those. After 4 miles or so, you see the first signs of water. A small creek starts forming as you continue and after 6 1/2 or 7 miles, you see a small river flowing and inviting you to put your hat and hanky into it to cool off a bit."

World Cultures

Mark Koester
presents Hearing the (Un)Expected and Finding the (Un)Mistakable: Est-ce que tu m'entends? posted at The Mystic Atheist.


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