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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog Carnival: Art and Travel, April 18, 2009 edition

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Blog Carnival: Art and Travel

Welcome to the April 18, 2009 edition of art and travel. Royalty Free

hihobvi presents Safe Wakeboarding With The Right Gear posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, "The water sport of wakeboarding has seen its popularity rise dramatically in recent years. It is very similar to what surfers and jet-skiers are used to and might explain why it has quickly caught on. Fans of extreme sports have also taken to it since it also relies heavily on the execution of moves under high pressure situations."

smithtelevision presents Cherry Blossoms in Georgia posted at SmithTelevision, saying, "Georgia is the best place to appreciate the sights and smells of food and blossoms. Want to find out where to go? Visit Georgia Craft Shows. There’s a whole new side of Georgia you haven’t seen yet! Visit Georgia Craft Shows today."

Matthew Paulson presents Prepare for Wi-Fi in the Skies posted at American Consumer News.

Debt Free Destiny presents How to Trim Down Your Transportation Costs posted at Debt Free Destiny.

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Free and Essential Web Tools to Launch Your Art Career posted at Online Best


Asheesh presents Mount Of Apollo - Mount Of Sun - Palmistry posted at My Free Horoscopes, saying, "The mount of Apollo - indicating your success in life."

Art presents Lots of Activities Available at Mississippi Fairs posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, "Mississippi is known for being a place interested in literature and music. Mississippi has also embraced other forms of art, and the strong religious traditions of the people have inspired amazing works of art which have been shown all over the world. Go ahead and visit Mississippi Craft Fairs now to see the amazing work of expert craftspeople!"

Linnea West presents Art Ravels: Stendhal Syndrome and the Uffizi posted at Art Ravels. presents Bhilai to Raipur on bike: Chapter 3: Mahant Ghasi Das Memorial Museum, Raipur: Part 5 posted at

Joe Tichio presents Inspirational Art Quotes posted at Inspirational Quotes Blog, saying, "Inspirational thoughts and quotes about art. The submission wouldn't take my blog page url, so I had to put my website homepage. My blog url is
Sorry for any inconvenience,


Byteful Travel presents The Top 3 Exhibits at Chicago's Field Museum posted at Byteful Blog, saying, "Rarely am I able to step into a place with such vast wealth of knowledge as the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois. The Field Museum is a world-class natural history museum enclosing over 1 million square feet with more than 20 million specimens, including Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever discovered. Today I’m going to highlight the top 3 exhibits you simply can’t miss, they will take you to another time and space. (High-resolution photos included.)"

Outdoor Art

Andrew Edgington presents Top 4 Newbie Tips to Become a Professional Digital Photographer posted at Learn Digital Photography Now, saying, ""Your Guide to Digital Photography" - Taking Beautiful Digital Pics Made Simple! Tips on how to use a digital camera like a pro and an insider look at the latest digital cameras. To get a FREE Digital Photography Report of your very own please head over to "Learn Digital Photography Now""


Nathan Veldhoen presents Oregon Coast Weekend Photography posted at Nate Veldhoen, saying, "I was finally able to get out and use my camera this weekend. Had a choice between a ski weekend in Big White or head to the Oregon Coast for a family trip. I had few more pros that made me grab my camera and head to the coast."


wallowater presents A Kayak for Spring Training. | posted at WalloWater, saying, "Kayaking is popular amongst fishermen, divers and adventure sports enthusiasts due to the range and adaptability of the kayak. In fact, the sport of kayaking is growing in popularity so much that the price of kayaks has risen dramatically in recent years."

beckoffice presents Cheap New York Hotels posted at BeckOffice, saying, "If the concept that a hotel room is meant for a short, comfortable stay in clean and safe settings, but without trimmings is acceptable, New York has several low priced facilities available. They are sometimes labeled as inns or hostels." presents Vegas Shows Reviews & Tips posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, "When spending time in Las Vegas, it looks like most of the event is centered in gambling in the casinos. But, one of the finest points to enjoy in Las Vegas is to take in Vegas Shows. The shows in Las Vegas are some of the top in the world, and there is a large selection for you to choose from. Here’s the most popular type of Vegas Shows. Different varieties available on the strip for you to choose from."

Andrew Edgington presents North Cyprus Vacation Properties posted at Cyprus Informer, saying, "Discover Cyprus property and holiday issues on this information packed blog which is dedicated to giving free independent tips on Cyprus property investment and travel."

Andrew Edgington presents Cyprus Island - History in the Mediterranean Sea posted at Cyprus Informer, saying, "Discover Cyprus property and holiday issues on this information packed blog which is dedicated to giving free independent tips on Cyprus property investment and travel."

scuba-divers presents Underwater Photography with The Best Housings posted at Scuba-Divers, saying, "For those looking for relevant information on underwater camera housings and other scuba gear. The best people to turn to are the experts in scuba diving. For all scuba diving enthusiasts, underwater camera housing is an important part of scuba divers photography equipment."

hihobvi presents Hawaii: Surf?s Up! posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, "Get smart and start joining Hawaii festivals to make sure that you earn some extra cash on the side. Hawaii craft fairs will provide you with the right opportunity to sell the things that you make."

beckoffice presents Ideal Hotels in Orlando Downtown posted at BeckOffice, saying, "Hotels located in the downtown of Orlando are among the favorite choices of many business travelers who wish to have their leisurely moments too. They are mostly located in the business district area which is nearby to all major business establishments, shopping centers, entertainment areas, restaurants and bars."

wallowater presents BVI Sailing Fair Winds and Following Seas posted at WalloWater, saying, "Occupying a tiny amount of the world’s dry land, the British Virgin Islands are giants in the world sailing community. Known as the sailing capitol of the Caribbean, the BVI are a remarkable destination for sailors and those who would be sailors alike."

smithtelevision presents Hunting Mushrooms Festival posted at SmithTelevision, saying, "Indiana holds one of the largest mushroom festivals and car shows in the surrounding states, the Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival and Car Show which is most usually held around the weekends of the last week of April. The mushroom festival is a certified family event and a sure crowd gatherer, especially if you have the weekend off for some mushroom gathering fun."

beckoffice presents Low-priced Travel Ideas - 6 Ways You Can Save on Travel posted at BeckOffice, saying, "Are you eager to leave on a wonderful holiday but facing the problem of inadequate resources? Well, finances are always a matter when one plans to go for holiday yet it is necessary to have a vacation once in a while."

scuba-divers presents Scuba Diving Equipment In a Nutshell posted at Scuba-Divers, saying, "When it comes to scuba diving the most important thing is the training that you have, the next most important thing to that is the gear that you will need to have. Everything that I will cover here will be essential if you plan on making some deep dives."

hihobvi presents A Taste of Hawaii posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, "Dont be caught stoked and broke in Hawaii. Get smart and start joining Hawaii festivals to make sure that you earn some extra cash on the side. Hawaii craft fairs will provide you with the right opportunity to sell the things that you make."

wallowater presents Beginners Guide To Surfing - Express The Learning Curve Lesson 1 posted at WalloWater, saying, "Beginners Guide To Surfing - Express The Learning Curve Lesson 1...You must cover the basics when starting out, the first few steps you will need to cover are…" presents Family Togetherness at Utah Fairs posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, "What You Need To Know Before You Go... If you want to showcase your crafts in Utah as well, go to Utah Craft Fairs and apply for a booth now!"

Andrew Edgington presents Travel Tips That Make Sense posted at Cheap Flights, saying, "Discount Travel Techniques that anyone can employ and really make big savings on family vacations and international flights. You will feel like you are on vacation permanently."

Andrew Edgington presents Peppianna Cyprus Villas posted at Cyprus Informer, saying, "Discover Cyprus property and holiday issues on this information packed blog which is dedicated to giving free independent tips on Cyprus property investment and travel."

America001 presents Visiting The Wisconsin Dells | America 001 posted at Traveling In America, saying, "A great family trip for Midwesterners is a visit to the Wisconsin Dells."

Shiv Dravid presents Malwan: A trip to Maharastra’s roots posted at The Viewspaper » The Viewspaper.

America001 presents Planning a Ski Vacation in Aspen posted at Traveling In America, saying, "Information about planning a ski trip to Aspen."

Gary R. presents How to Buy Hiking Boots posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Good quality hiking boots aren't cheap, but trust me - the expense is well worth it! If you're planning a major camping or hiking outing, the last thing you want is a pair of cheap boots that causes you injury or falls apart in the middle of your journey."

Gary R. presents Easy to Prepare Campsite Meals posted at Camping Tips, saying, "When you're packing up for your big camping trip, the last thing you want to do is to weigh down your car with all the extra pots, pans and kitchen utensils you'll need to prepare your favorite meals over the camp stove."

Gary R. presents Camping with Young Children posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Camping can be a lot of fun for younger children �C however, you'll need to prepare differently than you would for a camping trip with your buddies."

Gary R. presents How to Build a Campfire posted at Camping Tips, saying, "You don't need a Boy Scout merit badge to build a roaring fire at your campsite - all you need are a few simple supplies and the following technique."

Gary R. presents Working at a Campground posted at Camping Tips, saying, "So, you say you love camping so much you wish you could do it year round? Well, why not take a job working at a campground?"

Gary R. presents Basic Camping First Aid posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Nothing ruins your camping trip like a brush with poison ivy, a pesky bee sting or other minor injury."

Andrew Edgington presents Last Minute Family Travel Tips posted at Cheap Flights, saying, "Discount Travel Techniques that anyone can employ and really make big savings on family vacations and international flights. You will feel like you are on vacation permanently."

Credit Shout presents Southwest Airlines Card from Chase Review posted at CreditShout.

Snowden presents Vegas Nerd Central: The Pinball World Championship / Pinball Museum and Hall of Fame in Las Vegas posted at Las Vegas Local Events, saying, "The Pinball Museum, located in Las Vegas, is a fun, offbeat way to enjoy old video game art and history."

Ben Connor Barrie presents Chicken Buses posted at Grown Ass People, saying, "Guatemalan chicken buses are like art crossed with public transportation."

Dwayne Tucker presents Introducing The Blast Tour posted at The Global Advertiser!, saying, "The Blast Tour collection is complied by Dwayne Tucker. Inspired by the sights of Savannah, Georgia this collection’s theme revolves around light trail, abstract street photography. This compilation of photographs will encompass the sights of various metropolitan cities; giving you an alternative, unconventional insight through the lens of a digital camera."

canelvr presents Paris by night: Where to go when the Eiffel Tower has lost its sparkle posted at Tales from the tip of my tongue, saying, "Hi Gail! I hope my post on Paris is suited to your carnival. Thanks for your consideration! Best wishes, Rebecca"

Conan Stevens presents Bangkok Police Shake Down Foreigners For Cash posted at Conan Stevens Online, saying, "A regular brush with the law in a 'lawless' 3rd world country"

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